Ramen Yukinoya (Arcadia)

As an avid ramen eater, I have to say that this place is average. YES, average. With all the locals raving about how “great” the ramen is. I wasn’t impressed.

This is my second time trying this place.

It’s located in Arcadia, in the CVS plaza right off Baldwin Ave just across the street from LA fitness. The restaurant is tiny. With 6-7 tables plus some bar seating. So, most of the time there is a wait for this place. The place itself remains me of Shin-Sen-Gumi and Daikokuya with the open area by the bar where the chefs cook the food.


Here’s the menu, including ramen soup and cold ramen plus a few side dishes to make your meal a combo.


This is the shoyu ramen which is soy sauce base. Plus 3 pieces of pork.

The tan tan mein was pretty flavorless in my opinion, it’s very Chinese style dish with the “boy choy” and the ground pork. The noodles were pretty soggy. The menu mention this dish being “spicy” it was not at all spicy.

I’ve had my fair share of ramen and this one isn’t that all amazing. The noodles are soggy and plus the flavor of soup was quite oily. The first visit I had the miso paste ramen which didn’t leave a impression on me.

Moral of the story, if you like Chinese style ramen you would love this place or else just skip it and head straight to J-town!

1423 S Baldwin Ave
Arcadia, CA 91007


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