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Din Tai Fung (Arcadia)

This probably one of my favorite places to eat. Since the food is usually pretty consistent. However, the line can get pretty long.    400 S Baldwin Ave Ste 231 Arcadia, CA 91007   Advertisements

Ramen Yukinoya (Arcadia)

As an avid ramen eater, I have to say that this place is average. YES, average. With all the locals raving about how “great” the ramen is. I wasn’t impressed. This is my second time trying this place. It’s located in Arcadia, in the CVS plaza right off Baldwin Ave just across the street from […]

mama lu’s dumpling house

Mama Lu’s Dumpling House is so popular that not only the Asians eat it here, but the non-asians love it as well. Located on Garvey and Garfield in Downtown Monterey Park. The restaurant is located in the busy part of town. With two locations, I still opted for this one. The other location is literally […]

boiling point

One of my favorite places to eat is Boiling Point. It seems like over the past year, they have exploded in business; with expansions everywhere in the San Gabriel Valley all the way to Seattle, Washington and Canada. No matter what location you visit, the food quality is consistent and well worth the price. In […]