Mabo tofu ramen One of many ramen establishments in Little Tokyo (in downtown Los Angeles) is Mr. Ramen. It sits a few doors down from the famous tonkotsu restaurant.  I have been coming to Mr. Ramen for years. The soup does not disappoint, but don’t expect tonkotsu soup base. They specialize in soy sauce or […]

This place is a missed for me. This is my second visit to this location and it did not impress me one bit. The noodles were soggy, along with the soup that was ok. (Nothing to rave about) However, the service was fine. They provide water down flavored tea. The decor is cute, but that’s […]

About a couple weeks ago, I went up North with family and friends to visit the Bay Area. While we were there, we stop in the little town of Berkeley. If you have never been there, it is such a cute little city tuck away near San Francisco. (Definitely worth a trip up there. The environment […]

Bustling with hipsters at every corner, Highland Park does not fall short of places to check out. This weekend, I headed over to Berry Bowl located on York Boulevard. This is where the locals hangout to grab a refreshing bite or drink. I saw plenty of bicyclists and folks who finished exercising enjoying one of […]

In midst of Korean town on a Sunday evening, we stumble across a dessert place known for their shaved iced in the area. Think of this place as your self-serve Yogurtland but instead of yogurt. You got yourself a milky ice texture. I opted for original (sweet cream milk). Not exactly what I expected to […]

As much as I love my previous french toast recipe, I like to venture out and try new recipes and things. Here is a basic french toast recipe I found on allrecipes. A great basic recipe, if you want to try a different type of bread. (white bread, whole wheat, cinnamon, etc) I used wheat […]

The food rules is a eater’s guide to leading a healthy lifestyle through food. Michael Pollan the author explores what rules he should incorporated. Many diets, included the Western Diet have lead to diseases, type 2 diabetes, and more. The author explores cultural beliefs, and what our great grandmother or grandmother deems food. (Not what nutritionist […]