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Uncle Tetsu Japanese cheesecake (Santa Anita Mall)

The time has come to try the famous uncle tetsu Japanese cheesecake! There was no line on a Monday afternoon. The pie is delicious! The first bite was soft and creamy. Absolutely delicious! The cakes are made fresh from the oven. The cake was still warm when I took a bite! I would say the […]

Highland Park: Berry Bowl

Bustling with hipsters at every corner, Highland Park does not fall short of places to check out. This weekend, I headed over to Berry Bowl located on York Boulevard. This is where the locals hangout to grab a refreshing bite or drink. I saw plenty of bicyclists and folks who finished exercising enjoying one of […]

Nuts for cronuts

It’s one of those things that was bound to happen. I stumble across Instagram, drooling over people’s latest food photos and the next few months I find myself doing the same. (HA!) I gave in the hype, my very first cronut experience. What’s my verdict? Well, I can’t say it was the best thing I […]

Believe in the hype: Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter

If you never experience the creamy, rich, taste of Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter you are definitely missing out. After hearing countless reviews about “how good the product is”, I finally got myself one. Purely out of curiosity. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about this product because the general population tends to “hype” […]

Best thing I’ve ever ate

With the popularity of sites like Yelp and Google Places, restaurants and stores that would have gone unknown to majority of the public can enjoy free access to a larger consumer based. Yelp is a great source of information for those who want to eat and check out new places. It is also a must […]

I would like some syrup with that

Syrup Desserts is a perfect place to hangout and grab a dessert. Great ambience with both upstairs and downstairs seating. With great dim lights and music playing (usually indie, coffee house music). Oh yeah, free Wifi for those who love to sit at coffee houses and do some work. It’s located in Downtown Los Angeles […]

this is pie

 Currently enjoying a slice of earl grey pie and hot cup of latte at The Pie Hole I just recently celebrated a late birthday get together. It was great, simple, and got to hangout with friends. That’s what counts. Tried a couple new places, and revisited some favorites. One of them being The Pie Hole […]