SnowLA Shavery

In midst of Korean town on a Sunday evening, we stumble across a dessert place known for their shaved iced in the area. Think of this place as your self-serve Yogurtland but instead of yogurt. You got yourself a milky ice texture. I opted for original (sweet cream milk). Not exactly what I expected to taste like. There are also a variety of toppings from your typical candies, cereal, and range of fruit. But remember like Yogurtland they charge by the ounces.

I’ve had my fair share of shaved iced. (Infamous class 302, Guppys, Taiwanese shaved ice, tasty to go,etc)
This place is not something I would make the drive down from San Gabriel valley for, but if your in the area and craving shave iced this is definitely a option. The only major problem would be the parking in the area!

Tip: check in on yelp, you receive 10% off your order!







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