Food Rules: A book review


The food rules is a eater’s guide to leading a healthy lifestyle through food. Michael Pollan the author explores what rules he should incorporated. Many diets, included the Western Diet have lead to diseases, type 2 diabetes, and more. The author explores cultural beliefs, and what our great grandmother or grandmother deems food. (Not what nutritionist believes we should eat) A few  of the tips are

  • “Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food”
  • “Avoid foods you seen advertised on television”
  • “Avoid food products containing ingredients a third grader cannot pronounce”
  • Do not get your food the same place you get your gas
  • Pay more. Eat less. (in terms of pay more for quality food items)
  • Eat like the French (they seldom snack, eat small portions from small plates, don’t go back for second helpings, and eat most of their meals with other people)

The book is broken down into three sections

  1. What should I eat? (eat food)
  2. What kind of food should I eat? (mostly plants)
  3. How should I eat? (not too much)

I really enjoyed reading this guide on eating better. The book provides tips, many included explanations, and some don’t. (Those are self explanatory)

It is amazing how the food industry has complicated our lives with in regards of how we eat, what we eat, and what we buy. The whole concept of eating has become more and more complicated over the years. With going to the supermarket has cause many consumers confused.

Overall, it is a easy read, and easily understood. Very informative, for those who seek to understand and eat better.


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