Thirsty, Thirsty: Tbay?


It’s been said before, I consider myself a tea snob. Over a span of a couple weeks, I’ve been addicted to Tea Bay. Making frequent trips for my daily dose of caffeine.

What is there to rave about? The tea QUALITY! If you consider your self a tea connoisseur like me, you know with every sip the quality is superb!  The drink is made just right. Not too sweet, good balance with sweetness, tea, and cream. From previously working as a tea barista, and quality controlling every tea from black tea to green tea for customers. I’ve had my share of good, passable, and bad tea.


My favorite is the Hokkaido milk cream. Your choice of oolong, black tea, or green tea. The first time I ever had it I opted for black tea. Good choice, but definitely more bang for your buck if you choose oolong. Oolong has a higher price tag and quality. The drink is serve with two layers. The first layer is a thick cream layer, the second layer is the tea base. If you never had it, the cashier will inform you there are two ways of drinking this two layer drink. First, is to drink it straight without mixing the two agents. The second way is to mix both. But of course if you mix both, you can’t ever return to the first to tried. So, I suggest to try the first straight. You can definitely taste the quality. The drink is similar to Why Thirsty’s Oolong Milk Tea.

Other notable mentions are :

  • Green milk tea: My default drink for most tea places. Just because the mixture of cream, tea, and fructose is something I’ve always enjoyed. And this place doesn’t fall short of that.
  • Boba Black milk tea: As many other places, quality is good.
  • Jasmine green tea: Simple, effective, if your in the mood for just tea and fructose.

I’ve tried one of their fruit tea flavor drinks. The peach green tea, which was okay. The peach flavor is too artificial for my palette.

Drinks are on the pricier side, but you are paying for quality. Around $3-4 for a medium size (16ounce) drink.

The place is quite small, with about five to six tables inside and a slightly open patio area with tables. The decor is simple, nothing too flashy. I’ve seen people study there, and have lunch. Although, I’ve never tried anything there besides their popcorn chicken! It comes with traditional basil leaves! Delicious!


  • As of this posting, if you check in on yelp, you will receive 10% off your check!
  • You can ask for adjustments when you order, like less sweet.

923 E Las Tunas Dr
San Gabriel, CA 91776


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