Blaze, a new whole concept of pizza

b2Custom built option definitely caters to every palette.

As usual, Blaze in Pasadena is packed with people. The line immensely grows during the lunch rush a little after noon. People are guided through a assembly line, similar to the Subway concept. Where customers are direct to one side of the counter with the menu in hand or for their viewing pleasure on the wall. Customers are allow to choose from pre-made pizza options or custom build their own. The prices varies from $7-8. For those new to the whole experience, the customer service reps will definitely help you out by explaining the whole process.

Reading over their menu, many of the pre-made pizzas are suited to different palettes from meat lovers, to veg out. With many toppings available, many customers opted for the choice to “custom built”. I, myself tried the Veg Out, since the first time  I had it. It was delicious! Still this second time around, the pizza itself was tasty. The pizza is thin-crust, and cook over the fire once you order it. I also chose the custom built, which I include meatballs, mushrooms, basil, cheese, tomato sauce, and topped with crushed garlic. The crust garlic adds a nice flavor, a bit of a spicy kick. But nothing to overwhelming.

There are limited options for those not a pizza fan, such as salad or dessert pie. And for those gluten free folks, they also cater to you guys.

Blaze Pizza – Fast-Fire’d Custom Built Artisanal Pizzas
4 stars
667 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91101
(626) 440-7358
Sun.-Thurs. 11am-11pm & Fri.-Sat. 11am-12am
Lot and Street Parking


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  1. We jus got a Blaze near my house in Michigan. Safe to say it’s my dinner every single Friday night!

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