Men Oh Ramen : New kid on the block

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I’m always on the hunt for a good bowl of ramen in town. Instead of defaulting to either Shinsengumi, Mr Ramen, or the other ramen shops in Little Tokyo. I explore other options. (My goal to try all top 10 ramen places listed on LA Weekly Blog) Meh oh hits the spot, like no other!

This isn’t just another run of the mill ramen joint. The ramen is quite rich and flavorful. it is definitely drool worthy, and wait worthy.

Just a couple blocks down from Shinsengumi, Meh Oh sits in the Honda Plaza along with other shops and restaurants (famously sushi gen and Frances Bakery).

The little ramen shop doesn’t look like much from the outside, but once you enter you see the simple decor works well. Two choices bar seating, or table. I opted for table with my family. The place fill quickly, especially since it was a Sunday lunch. The seating is extremely limited. About 10 for the bar and 6-7 tables maximum?

The two types of ramen I got to tried are:

Tokushima ramen: very rich in flavor, served with medium thick noodles. The base is quite creamy. $8.95

Tonkotsu ramen: is similar to the ones served at other ramen joints, (like Shinsengumi) the soup is pork based and chewy noodles. very flavorful. $8.45

The broth is extremely rich and flavorful. Very creamy as well. The noodles were chewy, but went well with the base. The broth was not overly salty, like I notice at most ramen places.

Out of 9/10. I still feel there is something quite missing from this place. But I have to say it comes pretty darn close. Probably the best ramen I’ve had.


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  1. Thanks for the link to LA Weekly’s Top 10 ramen places. I was a bit surprised to see Iroha on the list. Numerous people had told me it wasn’t very good so I hadn’t bothered to give it a try. Will have to go check it out when I’m in the area.

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