Nuts for cronuts


It’s one of those things that was bound to happen. I stumble across Instagram, drooling over people’s latest food photos and the next few months I find myself doing the same. (HA!) I gave in the hype, my very first cronut experience.

What’s my verdict?

Well, I can’t say it was the best thing I ever ate. But I definitely enjoyed a very bite. The flaky layers with sweet custard inside, topped with sugar frosting. What’s not to love about this? I have to say, Frances Bakery does a great job of making these little guys. BTW, if you choose to say cronuts the cashier will definitely corrected you. They are called “Frances Donut”, not cronuts by definition.

The flaky layers remind me of a croissant, and the deep fried batter is like the texture of a donut. So think of a donut + croissant = cronut. They come in three different flavors from

1. the original (which is the one i tried)
2. the blueberry (seeming popular, since there were none left when I got there in the morning)
3. chocolate flavor

So if your looking for a nice simple treat, you wont be disappointed with the cronut from Frances Bakery.


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