Believe in the hype: Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter

If you never experience the creamy, rich, taste of Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter you are definitely missing out. After hearing countless reviews about “how good the product is”, I finally got myself one. Purely out of curiosity.

To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about this product because the general population tends to “hype” things up whether it is food, restaurants, gadgets, etc. I figure this was one of those instances. I was extremely disappointed after trying the kogi truck months back. I wasn’t sure if I could dedicated myself to a whole 14.1 ounce jar either. But here I’m, slightly regretting this purchase.

I really should not of bought this. I can’t stop eating it. It’s super addictive!

Some great ways to use cookie butter is to topped it on whole wheat bread, bagels, and waffles!

So for $3.69 a jar, you yourself can taste a little bit of heaven. It comes in different variety from creamy, crunchy texture, and cocoa swirls.


One comment

  1. I hated anything with cinnamony-smell and when I opened the container, I told myself ‘I cannot eat this.’ Then, after a while, I took a spoon and ate spoonful of cookie butter and guess what? It became an instant favorite of mine. But, you’re right about not buying this ‘coz it’s so addictive.

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