Nem Nuong Ninh Hoa

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The spring rolls never fall below average at this local Vietnamese eatery. Nem Nuong Ninh Hoa located across from Rosemead High School and right next to In n Out Burger. This restaurant has held a special place in many peoples’ hearts, as you can tell with the waiting area and full dining room.

Once I walk in, I can’t help but notice the earth tones on the walls, decorations and tables. Lovely olive colors and dark wood help contribute to the dining experience. Not like most Vietnamese places. It looks and feels clean.

If your looking for Pho, look elsewhere. They don’t serve that here. Their staple is there $16.99 DIY spring rolls. Absolutely a must for all visitors and first timers. Essentially they bring out a bowl of full of hot water, spring roll wrappers, vegetables, and a plate of sorted style meats. A great meal to share in pairs.

The restaurant also served the spring rolls  pre-wrapped in fours for those who prefer them as appetizers than the main meal.  $5-6 a plate for four rolls.

Another notable entry is their Banh Beo. Banh Beo is a individual rice cakes with each sprinkle with dried shrimp, croton, and served with fish sauce. A set of 12 is $6-7. Definitely very tasty.

Lastly, I ordered one of their rice plates which quite disappointing. 15A on the menu is lemon grass chicken plate with broken rice $6-7. The chicken was awfully dried, and the flavor was lacking. A tad bit spicy, but nothing to harsh. Definitely not something I would not ordered again. However, I heard the char-boiled pork is delicious!

I fully supported local eateries, and Nem Nuong is one of them!

Nem Nuong Ninh Hoa
9016 Mission Dr
Rosemead, CA 91770



  1. The DIY spring rolls is really fun (and yummy)! If I remember correctly, it was cash only?

    1. yeah cash only! 🙂

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