mama lu’s dumpling house

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Mama Lu’s Dumpling House is so popular that not only the Asians eat it here, but the non-asians love it as well. Located on Garvey and Garfield in Downtown Monterey Park. The restaurant is located in the busy part of town. With two locations, I still opted for this one. The other location is literally down the street near JJ Cafe.

As you wait at your table, you get salted skinned peanuts and crunchy cucumber slices. With a silver hot pot of tea for your convenience. The inside is full of booths and tables. Quite often the place gets busy. Arrived early or arrived later for lunch.

The food is priced just right. The xiao long bao dumplings are so luscious and juicy. They are full of flavor. Fill with pork fillings, the skin is a bit thicker than most. Some say this is a better alternative to Din Tai Fung Restuarant. After several visits, it is 3/4 of the quality and price. XLB are priced at $5.99 for 10 pieces and come in this steam silver pot.

Other good recommendations are
Hot and Sour Soup: Not the best I’ve had, but the portion is quite filling and enough to served for four people.
Beef Wrap: Crispy pancake outside filled with slices of beef and cilantro inside. You definitely need the hoisin sauce for this dish!
Pan Fried Dumplings: Not as good as its counter part, but tasty nonetheless
Green Onion Pancake: Lightly crispy, full of flavor of onions.


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