cheap thrills: summer edition

 photo 1111_zpsdc1049be.jpg
Low on cash? Want to have some fun? Follow these simple tips to have a fun summer too.

1. COFFEE HOUSE spend time at a coffee house or tea house. I know, it still will cost you a few bucks. But hey, if you grab a friend or two you can spend hours there. From catching up or playing games. (this is definitely one of my favorite activities) Check out my favorite list of spots here. It’s a great excuse to get caffeine. My favorite is Intelligentsia.

2. READING  I can spend hours at the bookstore or library. I love the fact that during the summer months, it gets quite hot. But sometimes you need a break from the heat. The bookstore and library are great places to go to cool off. And hey, you might find a book or two you like? It’s free to get a library card!

3. PICNIC TIME the summer time is a great time to grab a couple of sandwiches, chips, and apple cider with a friend. You don’t necessary need to sit at the park, or a bench. But the beach and mountains are great places. Just remember to grab a bed sheet or a tablecloth.

4. GO OUTDOORS whether it is exercising, visiting a museum, or flying a kite. The best way to have fun is to spend the time with people you love!  It’s always more fun when you make things a social event. Call up a few friends, host a get together or go hiking!

5. VOLUNTEER Have extra time this summer? Not sure if you want to commit yourself to a job or school? Why not spend some time volunteering in your community. There are many options from YMCA, animal shelter, hospital, and more. Just google it!

Remember! Have fun!


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