I would like some syrup with that

Syrup Desserts is a perfect place to hangout and grab a dessert. Great ambience with both upstairs and downstairs seating. With great dim lights and music playing (usually indie, coffee house music). Oh yeah, free Wifi for those who love to sit at coffee houses and do some work.

It’s located in Downtown Los Angeles on Spring Street, between 6th and 7th street.

The waffles are amazing! Granted that each waffle has different toppings. But well worth it. My favorite is the mixed berry waffle. The one photograph is the signature strawberry waffle. (Another good choice) The waffle is heavy to just eat for one person, so I suggest bringing friends or a date!

The only problem with the place is limited seating at times due to the overwhelming amounts of people sitting there for countless hours on their laptop doing “work”. Another issue would be parking, which is limited to metered street or paid structure parking.

Syrup Desserts
611 S. Spring St
Downtown Los Angeles Ca 90014


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