boiling point

One of my favorite places to eat is Boiling Point. It seems like over the past year, they have exploded in business; with expansions everywhere in the San Gabriel Valley all the way to Seattle, Washington and Canada. No matter what location you visit, the food quality is consistent and well worth the price. In fact if you hit lunch hour, it is an even a better deal.

For those who have never experienced hot pot, this is taiwanese style hot pot. Where in traditional hot pot restaurants they serve you the broth first and the ingredients are served on the side for you to cook. At Boiling Point, the ingredients are already placed in the hot pot for you. While many are not fond of premade food, the hot pot is exceptional.

With ten different hot pots to choose from, and over 20 items to add on, Boiling Point offers variety to satisfy any palate. One of the most popular items is the House Special. Among my favorites are Beef and House Special. For new customers, beef is the way to go. The House Special is composed of stinky tofu, which might not sit well with some who aren’t familiar with the taste and texture, let alone, the smell. It also comes with pieces of pork intestine and variety of other items. (check their website for details on their menu!)

The service is nothing to complain or rave about. After all, it is Asian establishment. They take your order and bring it out to you. (What more can you ask for?)

Lastly, lunch is between 11am to 3pm. The deal is $9.99 for the hot pot + rice + drink (green tea, black tea, or soda) As from being a previous tea house employee, the drinks are almost always consistent and have a strong tea flavor. My personal favorite is their jasmine green tea. Simple, refreshing jasmine flavor. The black tea is another good choice. It’s more on the creamier side.

The Boiling Point
1370 Fullerton Rd
Rowland Heights, Ca 91748


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