this is pie

 Currently enjoying a slice of earl grey pie and hot cup of latte at The Pie Hole

I just recently celebrated a late birthday get together. It was great, simple, and got to hangout with friends. That’s what counts. Tried a couple new places, and revisited some favorites. One of them being The Pie Hole located close to Downtown Los Angeles in the Arts District. Nothing better than having conversation over coffee and pie! I tried their earl grey flavored pie. It was absolutely delicious. However I’m glad I got only a single slice for it became overwhelmingly sweet after awhile.

The atmosphere, like most places in the art district, has a distinct “hipster” vibe going on. You see the artsy people on the street walking their dogs, you see the countless graffiti on the all the walls, and fashionistas scurrying about.

The pie however was quite tasty. With the distinct flavor of earl grey tea, the pie was loaded atop a crumbly crust of brown sugar, and topped with a heavy whipped cream mixed with coffee grounds which added a nice bitter to the massive amounts of sweetness.

The Pie Hole
714 Traction Ave
Downtown Los Angeles, Ca 90013


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